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Water-Based Filla-In-A-Bag Wood and Grain Filler

Water-Based Filla-In-A-Bag Wood and Grain Filler

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This innovative product appeals to woodworkers, makers, and artists since it seamlessly dovetails with all water-based products, plus lacquer. Get exactly what you want every time: Mix the perfect amount for your project, to your ideal viscosity, with no waste.


  • Great for patching , grain-filling , and especially inlay.

  • Mix Filla-in-a-Bag with paint to fill in scratches, chips, or divots on your walls.

  • Accepts stain and finish flawlessly—just like wood.

  • Can be mixed with water and/or any water-based pigment, dye, stain, clear finish, paint or glue, as well as lacquer.

  • For exterior use, mix GoodFilla Filla-In-A-Bag with commonly available water-based weatherproof glue or finish. The result is a very durable water resistant wood filler with excellent adhesion.

  • Will not shrink, sink, crack, or fall out.

  • Unlimited shelf life.

  • Green Product: Non-toxic, zero VOCs, non-flammable. No waste (Mix only what you need.)

  • Proudly made in America.

  • Available in 11 colors:
    Ash, Cherry, Ebony, Mahogany/Brazilian Cherry, Maple/Beech/Pine, Neutral/Tint Base, Red Oak, Rosewood, Walnut, White, White Oak

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